About 'On Mobile' From iQlink

On mobile applications enable remote workers to access their companies’ business systems from PDAs, iPads and BlackBerry smartphones. Remote workers can generally be categorised as 'blue collar' and 'white collar'.

Blue collar applications include mobile service management and proof of deliveries. 

Handyman is a real time wireless solution that connects field service personnel to business processes, boosting productivity and cutting costs, via:
  • Better job and task scheduling
  • Standardised reporting
  • Real time status updates
  • Field force coordination
  • Prompt invoicing
  • Improved employee productivity

A technician using Handyman is much faster than one using paper. Handyman means efficiency gains, improved cash flow and more control.

Proof of delivery enables drivers to obtain a customer signature on their mobile device, and if required print the delivery note in situ; this reduces the number of disputes that customers make regarding both the content and the time of their deliveries and thus saves our customers the costs involved in resolving customer issues.

White collar mobile business applications include sales force automation/CRM, and merchandising applications which enable staff to retrieve and update customer data at or around the time they are facing the customer, often making use of what would otherwise be idle time. Product availability can be checked online, orders processed and invoices issued with less risk of error, at lower cost and more promptly.

The Movilizer provides blue and white collar applications which are cloud based, easy to implement and require very little by way of initial investment.

Business managers can be away from their desks frequently; a key part of their job is to approve requisitions and orders. iQlink workflow applications enable mobile managers to look at leave/expenses and purchase order requisitions, for example, and approve or reject them on their mobile device thus avoiding delays, frustrations and out of stock situations. ExpressSuite from 10Seconds Software installs quickly and is very simple to use.